Talent Code : ARG001

Gifted with a hearty deep sounding baritone voice with an ample register range and the ability to modulate from “Voice of God” to freakish cartoons (if the need were to arise) Canil have been doing professional voice-overs for more than two decades. His voice can be heard in documentaries such as “Nazi Gold in Argentina” where the role of the voice was to accompany images that were quite disturbing. He is also the voice of the award winning miniseries “The Da Vinci Files”, where again He had to match stirring images, this time, of another kind altogether. As narrator He has been chosen for the “Full Confidence” project, producing the three language versions of the script. As far as cartoons go, He is the voice of Dr. Lynch in the celebrated cartoon series “City Hunters” co-produced by FOX and Axe, based on the designs by Milo Manara.

Bespoke demos are submitted free of charge upon request. There’s nothing like hearing your own brand voiced to ensure that THIS SOUND is what you were really after.