Talent Code : ITA001

Gianluca Jacquier is a native Italian Actor and Voice Talent that have been working in the entertainment industry and in the audiovisual field for a long time. His artistic training began in the 90s, when He completed his Acting Studies with famous Italian actors such as Paola Quattrini, Edoardo Siravo, Annabella Cerliani, Ciro Scalera and well-known directors such as Lorenzo Salveti and Carlo Nistri. He had been performing in theater and on TV for a long time, playing dramatic and comedic roles.

In 2005 Jacquier began working as a voice over talent, a profession that He have been fortunate to learn from two great Italian masters: Alberto Lori and Claudio Capone. He has always been fascinated by the evocative and exciting power of the voice, and fortunately during the last 10 years He has had the opportunity of putting it into practice lending his voice to several kinds of products: documentaries, corporate videos, commercials, book trailers, etc.