3 Payment Gateway In Indovoiceover

In this article we’ll talk about Payment Gateway in Indovoiceover.com, we’ve received a lot of questions during Pre-Production Stage for our Project Manager and Account Executive about “How to do a payment in Indovoiceover.com?”

Mostly our overseas clients is a first timer for using Indonesia Voice over atau pengisi suara atau dubber Marketplace services and They usually don’t have a clue to do a payment. so here’s what indovoiceover.com use for Payment Gateway.

Indovoiceover.com are using 3 Payment Gateway system:

  • Paypal

For easiness and less complexity we offer to use major Payment Gateway that people around the globe used. It’s Paypal. There are many advantages of using Paypal, its user friendly (yes everybody has experience to pay using Paypal). But in Indovoiceover.com  the 4% Paypal Fee will be paid by Client side.

  • Wired Transfer

Indonesian are more familiar using Wired Transfer or Bank Transfer. We don’t need to withdraw money from our Virtual Payment Gateway Account (which is usually take 1-2 days time).

But few things to be underlined that Client need to fill the form correctly. Ex: Name, Address, Phone, ID Number, SWIFT CODE etc. Also please call your Bank Officer before you do Wired Transfer to make sure that your Bank can send money globally (Indonesia)

  • Western Union

The last Payment system is the old fashioned because it takes more efforts and times to get our self into Western Union Offices to do or withdraw the payment. Same as the Wired Transfer, Client must take carefully when filling the payment form such as Receiver Name, Address, Phone, ID Number etc.

The advantages using Western Union is we can received the money in Real time and we can to tracking it online. Also Western Union take small amount Payment Fee (By Sender side).


So if you’re read this article while running a project or for your upcoming project. You can choose one of those Payment Gateway system as mentioned above or if your company have own favorite Payment Gateway or other conditions please don’t hesitate to contact our team at indovoiceover.

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