Use The Right Voice Over Localization

As we know that South East has became a battlefield between brands to win this big and still growing market. Just like Amazon, Alibaba Groups, Uber Ride Hailing, Tencent and Didi try to challenge locals hero such as Grab from Malaysia, Shopee from Singapore and Go Jek, Tokopedia and Bukalapak from Indonesia.

A big country like Indonesia attracts many brands with data’s showing Mobile Internet Users, E-commerce also rapid of Middle Class growth. But many also has failed to enter Indonesian market with false strategy such as Foodpanda (World largest food delivery services) or Rakuten (Japan B2C Marketplace).

One of many reasons to break into this market is Localization, Indonesian market like to see brands that close to their background neither cultural or social profiling. Language is playing a key-role to this promotion and selling strategies, a good Copy of a web banner using Bahasa can make a big difference to your Digital Campaigns or a Social Media Viral Video Campaign using Youtube Ads, Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads with Bahasa Indonesia Voice Over.

Finding a right Bahasa Voice Over is easy right? yes with Google helps you can found many of Bahasa Indonesia Voice Over services. But many of them just an Voice Over Agency who not stay or event ever come to Indonesia, their just selling voices and working remote. What you need is a partner who can provide you many things in one single click:

  1. Local Insight
  2. Bahasa Translation Script Services
  3. Big Bahasa Indonesia Voice Library
  4. Professional Studios
  5. Client Guardian Angel (Desktop Screen Sharing, Video Call, 24/7 emails or Whatsapp)

So if you working on projects right now or have upcoming project let’s setup a online meeting,